A laundry service with the ultimate convenience of pick-up and delivery.

Terms and Conditions


  • All prices are GST inclusive.
  • Laundro Group may vary the price of the Wash Dry Fold service at anytime without notice.
  • The customer shall be individually responsible for its ISP charge and any other costs of  internet usage incurred by the customer.

 Pick-Up and Delivery

  • Laundry picked up and delivered back the following day between  8am and 12pm 7days.
  • Laundro Group withholds the right to provide the pick-up and delivery service to the customer for any reason what so ever.
  • Laundro Group may change the payment policy at any time  prior to the customer placing his / her next Wash Dry Fold order.
  • The customer is to notify Laundro Group of a change to its delivery address.
  • Laundro Group shall not be liable for the failure to deliver any Wash Dry Fold order on a timely basis whether the delay has been due to causes beyond the control of Laundro Group or otherwise.
  • If  the customer fails or refuses to take the delivery of any Wash Dry Fold order, the goods shall be left at the delivery address and be deemed delivered at that point in time.


  • Risk in all Wash Dry Fold orders shall pass to the customer upon delivery to the customers delivery address.
  • The customer is obligated to keep their login and password details safe and confidential at all times.


  • Laundro Group shall not be liable for any consequential, indirect or special damage or loss of any kind what so ever nor shall Laundro Group be liable for any damage or loss caused by the customers servants, agents, buyers or other persons what so ever.


  • The privacy of your customer data, orders and credit cards are important to us. We will not disclose or sell your customer data to any third party. We will only send you email newsletters if you explicitly opt in.
  • Credit card details are not stored anywhere on our servers nor in our premises. Your credit card details are processed in real time by an independent payment gateway authorised by our bank, using secure encryption.



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